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Production Data Copy

TivTal Add-On for SAP IBP

Stop wasting time creating test cases and

Save money by reducing AMS troubleshooting hours

Reduce the error rate after release upgrades and when implementing new functions and changes in the production environment

Automatic transfer of manual changes and manually maintained data

Out-of-the-Box-Lösung inkludiert kundenspezifische Stamm- und Kennzahlendaten

Live in less than 24 hours

To save time

Stop wasting time recreating test cases from the production system to fix errors or test new functionality.

Voll Automatisieren

Always keep data up to date through automated jobs. 

Save money

Sparen Sie sich Geld durch die Reduzierung der AMS-Stunden für Fehlerbehebung

No implementation needed

Automatic consideration of all customer-specific extensions. Very little implementation effort required.

Reduce error rate

Save money by reducing AMS troubleshooting hours

Schnell Live Gehen

Live without any implementation effort, usually within 24 hours!

Increase productivity and reduce costs with the TivTal Production Data Copy Add-On

Das TivTal Production Data Copy Add-On für SAP IBP bietet folgende Funktionalitäten:

» Kopieren von Stamm- und Kennzahlendaten zwischen IBP Systemen

» Automatisiertes Mappen der Daten ohne manuelle Konfiguration

» Individualisierbare Filter

» Regelmäßige Kopie der Daten über eingeplante Jobs

Go live in 3 steps


Technical facility

Start with the first step and prepare your system. Use our simple, easy-to-use instructions to easily configure the technical settings for the add-on. This is how you lay the solid foundation for smooth use.


Copy data according to your needs

In the second step, define clearly and precisely in the intuitive user interface which data is crucial for you. Our add-on allows you to define the data to be copied exactly according to your requirements


Schedule data copy

In the third and final step, you determine the frequency at which your data should be copied.

Sounds interesting? Book an appointment!

Buchen Sie einen kostenfreien Termin mit einem unserer Experten. Unser Experte beantwortet all ihre Fragen rund um unsere TivTal Add-Ons für SAP IBP.

Wählen Sie im nachfolgenden Kalender einen für Sie passenden Slot aus

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