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Sales and operations planning

S&OP Dashboard example

What is the S&OP process?

Der Prozess des Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) stellt sicher, dass Vertriebspläne und Unternehmensziele in Einklang mit anderen Abteilungen abgestimmt werden, um eine effektive Ressourcenzuweisung zu gewährleisten. S&OP integriert Vertriebs- und operative Planungsprozesse, um eine genaue Ressourcenübersicht und eine sinnvolle Anpassung der Pläne zu ermöglichen. Dies ist besonders wichtig für global agierende Unternehmen, um eine konsistente Datenbasis für eine umfassende Planung zu gewährleisten. Erfahren Sie mehr über den Prozess der Absatz- und Produktionsplanung (S&OP) und seine Bedeutung für Fertigungsunternehmen.

A properly implemented S&OP process tailored to the company brings transparency to complex supply chain planning by breaking down internal silos. Defined KPIs and dashboards help to carry out the S&OP process optimally.

Problems that S&OP helps with. Can you find yourself again?

We have summarized for you the most important challenges that the S&OP process solves. It is important to know that the list is not complete and the S&OP process must be customized to your needs.

Improving supplier performance

Through the S&OP process, companies can better align their demand forecasts and orders, which can help improve supplier performance and avoid material procurement bottlenecks.

Reduzierung der Lagerbestände

Through the S&OP process, companies can better align their demand forecasts, which can help reduce inventory levels and reduce carrying costs.

Improving financial planning

Through the S&OP process, companies can better align their revenue and cost forecasts, which can help create more accurate financial planning and therefore minimize financial risk.

Improve customer satisfaction

Better coordination between sales and operations departments can help improve delivery time and quality, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Improving operational efficiency:

Eine bessere Abstimmung von Vertriebs- und Betriebsabteilungen kann dazu beitragen, Engpässe bei der Produktion zu vermeiden, den Einsatz von Ressourcen zu optimieren und somit die operative Effizienz zu steigern.

Prevention of silo planning

Through Sales & The operations planning process is all agreed upon.relevant Stakeholders communicate with each other at regular intervals, point out Risks go there and find solutions together. This not only promotes the corporate climate, but also achieves an improved forecast. 

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We help world-leading companies introduce working with S&OP

Through theIntegration of information From sales, marketing, production and supply chain departments, S&OP allows companies to optimize their production capacities, inventory levels and deliveries to meet customer expectations while minimizing costs.


Implementing S&OP offers companies a variety of benefits. One of the most important advantages is onegreater transparency andbetter communication between departments to enable optimal coordination. S&OP also helps companies to identify potential bottlenecks in the supply chain at an early stage and take targeted measures to address themMaximize your delivery reliability.


Another advantage of S&OP is that by better integrating demand and supply processes, companies can achieve moreEfficiency and flexibility in production and supply chain reachable. This can help improve the company's financial performance by reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.


Next to theOptimization of operational processes S&OP also helps with thisTo increase customer satisfaction. Through better planning and coordination, companies can better serve their customers and increase their competitiveness. Overall, S&OP is a powerful process for companies to improve their planning and control processes and achieve their business goals.

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