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AMS - Our German- and English speaking Support for SAP IBP 

Services of our support for SAP IBP

Our support for SAP IBP supports and advises you quickly and comprehensively on your planning challenges - not just on problems!

Analysis of supposedly incorrect planning results

You can't explain key figure values, the optimizer's explanation log outputs incomprehensible results? Our support analyzes your problems and then advises you on solutions. He will also give you help if the error occurs again. 

Monitoring of the IT infrastructure

Monitoring the interface for errors is a central but time-consuming task for companies. Our experienced experts will be happy to do this for you so that all data runs correctly into your centralised planning system.

We recommend new features that fit your processes

The release cycles of SAP IBP are very fast and very extensive at three months. Training takes a long time. Our experts know your business and recommend appropriate innovations so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. 

Combined newsletter about new developments

In addition to our recommendation of innovations, we will summarize all the innovations in your modules in a clearly understandable newsletter. This means you always have an overview.

You get the most added value from your modules

Licenses are expensive, so our experts make sure that you know and use all the functions of the modules - especially the new ones. Our experts always keep your system up to date. A sudden system failure due to a release is therefore impossible. 

AMS stands for Application Management and Services

Our German- and English-speaking Support for SAP IBP from Germany consists of experts with many years of experience who know your projects and challenges. With our AMS support you can secure yourself monthly quota on days, with short response time, with a unique price-performance ratio

Planning with SAP IBP can be very complex due to the internal system algorithms and your specific extensions and requires an analysis by an expert. If you cannot explain a planning result, errors occur or new products are not planned, our experts are available for you, recommend solutions or implement them, always in consultation with you. 

Each module contains a specific range of functions and must be licensed individually. Since not every company needs all modules, we help you choose the right modules to achieve the greatest business impact. 

Our SAP IBP support helps with this

A selection of problems that our German experts in SAP IBP support can help with are: 

  1. Analysis of supposed errors

  2. Incomprehensible planning results are analyzed

  3. Recommendation from our experts of new features for your processes

  4. Innovations in the releases are summarized in an understandable way for you

  5. The Explanation log of the supply optimizer throws no or misleading messages

  6. Master or transaction data is not integrated (e.g. products, customers, sales volumes...)

  7. The planning solution should be slightly adjusted (e.g. new key figures or alerts created) 

  8. Analysis of technical error messages in the interface or from ERP

  9. Support for your IT

If you recognize yourself in at least 2 points, we would like to explain our range of services to you in more detail.

Make an appointment with one of our experts in just 30 seconds 

Book a free consultation with one of our experts. Our expert will advise you on all challenges and suggest solutions. 

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