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What is SAP IBP?

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) is a cloud-based solution that enables efficient and flexible planning of the entire supply chain. Through seamless integration with other systems, SAP IBP offers comprehensive planning functions for demand, procurement, inventory, sales and production. With innovative analysis tools, artificial intelligence and powerful optimization algorithms, the platform enables real-time transparency, more precise forecasts and faster decisions. SAP IBP promotes data-driven decision making, improves collaboration, and increases operational efficiency. With its agility and scalability, SAP IBP helps companies increase their competitiveness and improve the performance of their supply chain. You will receive a more detailed description here. 


How much does an SAP IBP implementation cost?

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) is a comprehensive software solution from SAP. The introduction and implementation costs vary accordingly. TivTal offers you fixed package prices for best practice introductions. If you would like a more precise assessment from one of our experts, please write to us briefly in the chat or book a call in less than 30 seconds using the button at the top right. 


Where is SAP IBP used?

SAP IBP includes various modules for integrated planning of demand, supply and capacity, human resources, finance, transportation and inventory. Widely used in industries such as manufacturing, retail, services and oil and gas, the solution offers companies the opportunity to optimize their processes and improve their performance.


What does SAP IBP help me with?

By integrating SAP IBP into your business, you can benefit from improved planning capabilities, better forecast accuracy, and faster decision-making. The solution also offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to help you understand and optimize your business.


What modules does SAP IBP consist of?

SAP IBP includes the modules Demand, Inventory, S&OP, Response & Supply and Supply Chain Control Tower. A sixth module that may be required in exceptional cases is DDMRP. You will receive a more detailed description of the individual moduleshere.


Do I need an S/4Hana system to implement SAP IBP?

SAP IBP is provided by SAP, but does not require an SAP R/3, ECC, or S/4Hana system. However, an existing R/3, ECC or S/4Hana system makes implementation easier and has a positive effect on implementation time. We have already integrated SAP IBP with all SAP and third-party systems and would be happy to advise you on possible integration scenarios in your system landscape. 

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