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How does our SAP IBP consulting help companies on a daily basis?

Holistically map your planning process with SAP IBP.

Companies are often faced with the following task: The processes have been clarified and a centralized software solution is needed. The following questions arise:

  • Can SAP IBP map and meet our requirements?

  • Which modules do we need and what kind of modules are they?

  • Would our users accept the system?

  • What do we need to pay attention to in the introduction?

  • How long does an introduction take?

  • Which people do we need internally for an introduction?

  • We have special processes, can a cloud solution even do that?

  • Can SAP IBP handle our system landscape?

Do you find yourself in the questions? We answer and work on these and more questions with our international customers every day and are happy to answer them for you.

After you have gained in-depth knowledge and we have been able to give you a recommendation on how to proceed, we will not leave you alone with the introduction! We attach great importance to accompanying you on your journey to working with SAP IBP, from initial consultation to go-live and support, so that you save money and effort. You can achieve this by having a SAP IBP partner who understands you, knows your problems and will continue to advise you in the future without having to start from scratch every time. This means you can achieve continuous improvement of the system, which is always adapted to your current challenges and up to date.

We clarify what actual added value SAP IBP brings to your company.
Your processes and requirements always come first. 

What are the benefits of consulting on SAP IBP?

Our SAP IBP consulting can help you in many ways. We answer any ambiguities, recommend procedures, and design the solution so that it can be successfully introduced. We train your employees so that they fully understand the solution, know all the benefits, can use functional accelerators and enjoy working with them. Your processes are the focus and the system must be tailored to them. It may also happen that we advise against an SAP IBP implementation and recommend alternative solutions - your company and your requirements are always our top priority. 

What are the steps involved in an SAP IBP consultation?

Every company is different, with different processes, its own strengths and weaknesses. The process of an SAP IBP consultation can be roughly summarized as follows:

  1. Initial consultation (two days at your location)

    • We get to know your requirements roughly, classify whether SAP IBP can be the right one and narrow down the modules

    • The process is supported by our best practice model, which shows gaps

    • A further course of action is defined and the course is set

  2. Detailed analysis of business processes ​

    • We define your processes in detail, create user stories and prepare everything for implementation​

    • Supported by a test system, you can quickly see what your processes could look like in the solution

    • The various areas are integrated and we develop a procedural integration concept

  3. Implementation concept

    • We develop a technical implementation concept to adapt the system to your processes

    • We take into account the various IT systems ​(S/4, ECC or R3; third-party systems, BW, SAC...) and develop the technical integration concept

We then start the implementation. We have described how this works here.

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