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Supply Chain Control Tower

What is SAP IBP's Supply Chain Control Tower?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Supply Chain Control Tower is SAP IBP module that helps organizations optimize the performance of their supply chains through real-time visibility and control of demand, supply and logistics. It enables companies to monitor and track supply chain operations in real time and take corrective actions to address deviations from plans.

The most important functionalities of SAP IBP Suppy Chain Control Tower

With SAP IBP for Demand, companies can...​

  • Key indicators supply chains such as demand, supply, inventories and logistics performancemonitor and track.

  • Analyze data and use machine learning to identify supply chain trends and issues.

  • Take corrective actionto resolve deviations from plans, such as adjusting production schedules or reallocating resources.

  • The supply chain control tower withother planning and execution systems, such as ERP and transport management systems,integrate.

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