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How can AI help in supply chain (planning)?

Artificial intelligences like ChatGPT are conquering the market. We have been working with AI for a long time and have listed some examples in which areas AI promises improvements in supply chain management and supply chain planning. 

An AI optimizes itself

An AI works by using algorithms and models that enable it to recognize and learn patterns and connections in large amounts of data. These models are trained to make decisions and predictions based on the data provided to them. The AI will make decisions automatically and improve over time by learning from experience.

Prediction of demands

AI models can analyze historical sales and inventory data and identify patterns to predict future demand and optimize inventory planning. AI can also automatically generate orders and optimize inventory to avoid overstocking and understocking.

Automation of processes

AI can automate processes in SCM to save time and costs. Examples include automatic order generation, inventory order monitoring, automatic delivery tracking, and automatic billing.


Through the S&OP process, companies can better align their revenue and cost forecasts, which can help create more accurate financial planning and therefore minimize financial risk.

Optimization of supply chain processes

KI kann bei der Optimierung von Lieferkettenprozessen helfen, indem sie Daten von verschiedenen Quellen wie Lieferanten, Herstellern und Logistikdienstleistern analysiert und nutzt, um Prozesse und Lieferkettenplanung zu optimieren. KI kann auch bei der Identifizierung von Engpässen und Risiken in der Lieferkette helfen und Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der Lieferkette unterbreiten.


AI can help monitor and control the quality of products by analyzing images, videos and other data to detect deviations from standards. AI can also help detect production errors by detecting deviations from production standards and adjusting the manufacturing process accordingly.

Prevention of silo planning

AI can help optimize transportation routes and plan deliveries to make deliveries more efficient and cost-effective. AI can also help optimize transportation capacity by automatically selecting carriers and transportation routes and optimizing routes to optimize delivery timing and costs.

Die KI kann Entscheidungen in der Supply Chain erlernen und dem User Vorschläge unterbreiten. Eine KI erkennt sehr präzise mögliche Risiken und Engpässe, kann diese dem Nutzer mitteilen und mögliche Lösungsvorschläge unterbreiten. Damit unterstützt die KI den Mitarbeiter und trägt so automatisch zu einer effizienteren, sicheren Lieferkette bei, bei denen die Service Grade erhöht werden der Bestand gleichzeitig verringert wird und disruptive Ereignisse (the expectet unexpected) schnell gelöst werden. 

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