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SAP IBP for 
(Sales and Operations Planning)

SAP IBP S&OP Supply Chain Network

What is SAP IBP for S&OP?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a module of SAP IBP that helps organizations optimize and align their sales, production and operations planning process by integrating demand, supply and financial plans in real time. With SAP IBP for S&OP, you can discover production bottlenecks (or idle times) at an early stage and take countermeasures in good time. Thanks to the integrated process management functionality, your system is perfectly tailored to your individual process requirements to coordinate processes like S&OP.

The most important functionalities of SAP IBP for S&OP

​With SAP IBP for S&OP, companies can...​

  • Create different worst and best case scenarios to simulate delivery failures from different regions, or dedicated suppliers and customers. 

  • One infinite production planning - In the medium to long term, create a complete parts list, from the finished product to the raw material.

  • Collaborate with all areas to develop and review sales and operation plans.

  • Integrate Sales and operation planning with other planning processes, such as demand, supply and financial planning.

  • React to production bottlenecks or idle times and initiate countermeasures early

Infinite heuristics

Infinite production planning with BOM breakdown and machine capacity consideration.

Forecast Consumption

Automatically calculate your preliminary planning against the orders that have already been received.

Driver-based planning

Maintain upcoming sales drivers that the system automatically adopts and takes into account in the planning. 

Process task integration

Integrate your process into SAP IBP for S&OP and track the status, automatically assign tasks to the next person responsible and create automated evaluations.

Telescopic planning

Calculate your needs at a granular level in the short term and at an aggregate level in the medium term. 

Reach goals

Critical products and a high level of service may require reach targets. Plan product and plant-specific reach goals.

These features and scenarios are also supported by SAP IBP for S&OP:

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