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SAP IBP for Demand

Dashboard of SAP IBP for Demand example

What is SAP IBP for Demand?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)for Demand is a module of SAP IBP that helps companies optimize and align their demand, supply and financial plans in an integrated planning solution. It allows companies to accurately predict demand for their products or services using statistical methods and machine learning (ML) and use this demand forecast to control the rest of their planning processes.

The most important functionalities of SAP IBP for Demand

With SAP IBP for Demand you can...​

  • Plan drivers such as market trends, customer behavior and promotional activitiesanalyze and understand.

  • Statistical Models and Machine Learning are used to create accurate demand forecasts.

  • Work together to develop and review demand plans.

  • Monitor and track your demand plans versus your actual demand and identify deviations and initiate corrective actions.

  • Integrate demand planning with other planning processes, such as Supply chain and financial planning.

  • Create clear visualizations to understand and demonstrate complex Data 

Demand Sensing

Demand sensing makes it possible to precisely determine your demand forecast in the short term. The system adjusts itself automatically on order patterns and downstream demand signals, such as point-of-sale data, so that the Delivery planning function can provide the right product for the expected orders. SAP uses IBP for Demand Pattern Recognition. 

Create segmentations

Planners define segmentation rules and check the result.

Calculation of the demand forecast

With the best-fit algorithm, SAP IBP for Demand can automatically select the best algorithm for you and calculate your demand forecast. 

Review and monitor forecast accuracy

Forecast accuracy is automatically calculated and reviewed by all relevant stakeholders. This allows you to continuously improve forecasts.

Time series analysis

Statistical tests automatically analyze sales figures and identify demand patterns. 

Collaborative forecast fine-tuning

Demand planners, sales and marketing managers and other departments share their forecasts with each other and expand the demand forecast.

Introduction of new products

Demand planners plan the respective demand forecast for new products in advance. this will automated and supported by the system in many places. 

These features and scenarios are also supported by SAP IBP for Demand:

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