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Implement SAP IBP correctly
We show how to do it

A well-founded concept paves the way to successful implementation

The difference between an SAP IBP introduction and an SAP implementation is that the latter primarily revolves around the technical introduction. The SAP IBP introduction, on the other hand, includes an overall picture. The technical introduction is of great importance, but if you look at it purely from a technical point of view, you lose sight of much more important aspects - the users, key users, introduction of the new processes and the IT department, which often maintains SAP IBP afterwards.

SAP IBP introduction begins before implementation, in which best practice processes are discussed, target processes are defined, users are trained and processes in the system are tested and IT is included in the overall process. 

We explain what to pay attention to when implementing SAP IBP, what stumbling blocks there are and how you can get an almost guaranteed successful introduction

An SAP IBP implementation can be divided into seven phases. We support you the entire way.


Discovery phase

Together we look at your current processes and define your target processes based on best practice approaches. We recommend an individual approach, a selection of SAP IBP modules and create a rough indication of effort.



For implementation, we recommend an agile approach in order to continuously involve you in the creation of the system, to see the progress up close, to train you and to be able to react quickly to adjustments. 


AMS / Support

Even after the introduction, we won't leave you alone with your new solution. Our English and German-speaking support will provide you with assistance and solutions if you have any questions or problems. 


Concept phase

We will design a procedural and technical concept that covers all of your processes. At the same time, user stories for implementation are defined. A detailed project schedule is created and a detailed effort estimate is created.


Go Live & Hypercare

After the implementation and the subsequent training of the users, we accompany you intensively during the go-live and offer subsequent hypercare in order to be able to provide you with intensive support.


Proof of Concept (optional)

In certain cases, a proof of concept can be useful. The most important processes are mapped in a test system. This gives you a reliable result and a feeling of the later solution


Rollout (optional)

In some cases it makes more sense not to roll it out into the company immediately with a "big bang", but rather to use dedicated company locations as pilots and then roll it out afterwards. We support you in the rollout strategy as well as in the rollouts and user training.

Each module contains a specific range of functions and must be licensed individually. Since you probably won't need all of the modules, we'll help you choose the right modules to achieve the greatest business impact at the lowest cost. 

Interaction between SAP IBP and your supply chain areas 

Some employees are often reluctant to use new software solutions, not always - but often. At least until they are familiarised with the new solution and accept it; and then they no longer want to give it up. You can't avoid this process, but you can drastically reduce the familiarisation time by accompanying the employees step-by-step through the introduction, explaining how to work with the new solution in interactive training sessions in which they experience positive moments of success and therefore don't experience the introduction as a big bang, but instead get used to the solution with support. In this way, we often experience that users feel that they have been picked up, recognise the advantages of the new solution themselves and thus gain intrinsic motivation to positively influence the introduction and the new processes and drive them forward independently - a positive upward spiral that almost guarantees a successful introduction.

How long does an SAP IBP implementation take?

The implementation time of SAP IBP depends on the Business complexity as well as the modules and processes to be implemented. As a rough benchmark, one can say that a complete implementation, from design to go-live, can take between 3 and 18 months. After the “discovery phase” we can give you our estimated individual effort for your business in detail. The processes and the resulting modules play a very big factor. If you implement certain modules and processes together, this will have a more positive impact in some constellations regarding the implementation time and the implementation costs than implementing them one after the other. For an effort estimation for your individual scope, it is best to book a call with our experts here.

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