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SAP IBP for Response and Supply

What is SAP IBP for Response and Supply?

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Response and Supply is an SAP IBP module that helps you improve your delivery reliability and minimize logistics costs. By automatically creating infinite, demand-prioritized or cost-optimized plans, you are always prepared for the next supply chain disruption with the best possible plan. As a market leader, always stay one step ahead through order-based, real-time insight into product demand, current delivery capability and inventory projection. With Response and Supply, you can use your valuable time for system-based root cause analysis and simulations instead of collecting data and updating local spreadsheets.


Why Response & Supply planning?

Response and supply planning, as an essential part of supply chain planning, opens up opportunities for companies to address operational challenges and increase efficiency, precision and speed. Over the course of several decades, the practice of response and procurement planning has continued to evolve. However, the last few years and their crises have clearly shown existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities in modern supply chains. It has also accelerated business process change and digital transformation at a time when profit margins are tighter and consumer expectations are rising.

Leading supply chain planning systems rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide advanced forecasting and analysis capabilities. These technologies help companies meet urgent needs for greater resilience and agility.

Time series-based tactical supply planning

Use IBP for Response & Supply to develop optimal production and distribution plans for medium to long term periods. Efficiently control quantities, capacities, costs and sales by designing both infinite and finite planning strategies.

Our experts can provide you with a comparative analysis between applying the supply heuristic for infinite planning and using the supply optimizer for limited planning periods. In addition, our SAP IBP for Response and Supply experts will show you how you can respond agilely to changes and disruptions in your network with the help of capacity expansions, component replacements, automatic adjustment of the product mix and the integration of multi-sourcing.

Optimize your processes with precise daily planning for production, purchasing and stock transfers. Our finite planning strategies use rule-based prioritization of customer orders and forecasts. Confirm customer orders according to your planning and transfer the confirmations directly to your ERP system. For the first time, IBP Response & Supply a seamless connection between availability check (ATP) and supply chain planning. Through deployment planning, you also create a short-term distribution plan to optimally distribute receipts to inventory creation points.

Order-based operational supply planning

Time series-based tactical supply planning

Adapt flexibly to changing needs and supply chains by rescheduling your production, distribution and procurement orders. Automate the customization of sales order confirmations to your current situation according to the priority rules you set.

Our experts for SAP IBP for Response & Supply will use an example to explain the approach of this response planning process for customer order confirmations with seamless ERP integration in the event of changed planning scenarios: An automatic order confirmation takes place within the IBP planning horizon, which takes all restrictions and supply chain guidelines into account.

The most important functionalities of SAP IBP for Response and Supply

​With SAP IBP for Response and Supply, companies can...​

  • feasible delivery plans including analysis of delivery capability taking into account capacities, prioritization and/or costs.

  • Demand drivers such as analyzing and understanding market trends, customer behavior and promotional activities.

  • Plan the Supply chain in real time versus actual demand and availability and monitor and track the supply chain to identify deviations and initiate corrective actions.

  • Integrate supply chain planning with other planning processes such as demand, inventory and financial planning.

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